Friday, January 14, 2011

Halle Berry Set to Play Aretha Franklin in Biopic?

Yep! Word on Blogger Street is that Aretha has chosen Halle Berry to play "adult" Aretha in a new biopic of the "Respect" singer's life. The script is said to have been in the works for sometime and is being adapted from the book, Aretha: From These Roots, published in 1999. Halle is gorgeous but is she Aretha? Yeah, we can kind of see it. Remember, Aretha was a real show-stopper back in the day. Don't get it twisted! Btw, Ms. Franklin has recently brushed off reports that she suffers from Pancreatic Cancer. She says it's just not so. Got it? Good!

Aretha Franklin in her younger days...

Other suggestions: Mary J. Blige, Tichina Arnold, Tisha Campbell Martin, Jennifer Hudson, there are so many amazing options. Oh, and Gabby Sidibe for Aretha's later years. #comeondontlie



  1. Halle has Aretha...never work
    that's like asking Grace Jones to play Halle..feel me ??

  2. And they couldnt find anybody else dammit!!!??? Okay, I'm all 4 Halle, but come the F on!!!!