Thursday, April 28, 2011

Watch: President and First Lady Obama Set Things Straight on Oprah...(Video)

Yes, we are rearing our heads from obscurity to address the ridiculousness that is Donald Trump and the Tea Baggers Party who insist beyond reason that President Obama is not an American citizen and therefore not eligible for the POTUS post. Surely, you are aware that President Obama has since presented the "long form" of his birth certificate thereby commencing Operation Shut 'Em Down. He then loaded and fired his lethal weapon that is Oprah further iterating the fact that he is an American citizen. This entire ordeal is disrespectful, humiliating and degrading. It's also nothing less than completely racist.

Yes, we are talking to YOU, Trump. With you trumped up allegations, which are nothing more than PR stunting. We see you! And, guess what? We are officially OFF of "Celebrity Apprentice". Hopefully, anyone with common sense will follow suit. Blah! We're done! Back to the grind that is our 9-5.

Peace to you all!

Rant over.


Friday, April 8, 2011

#NowPlaying Dopess Alliance, "Player Shit"...(Listen)

From left: Taj, Brian, Fresh, Bebo, (sitting) PJay...

This is a definite #Heater. For the Clueless, Dopess Alliance is officially our favorite up and coming West Coast Rap Crew. Go get some on their YouTube channel.