Thursday, April 29, 2010


The above pic of Lady Gaga reminds us of the "Borderline" Madonna era, which got us to thinking: Is Gaga following in Madonna's path, or trailblazing a whole new one? One without sex scandals and publicity stunt marriages. How would a young Madonna stack up in the industry in 2010? We actually think Lady Gaga is pretty damn fierce. She sticks to entertaining us with her music and her way out self-imagery but we can't help but compare her to Madonna in her younger, wilder days.

They are both trendsetters, their music-- hot (though, Madonna was cutting edge at the time -- in the mid '80s-- for white chicks, especially. If not for Lady M., let's admit, there would be no Lady Gaga. But we'll keep rolling with this). The biggest difference is that you don't see a lot of Ms. Gaga outside of her work. There was that one little scandal of her shagging that married dude, but that kind of came and went. She's seems mostly dedicated to her art as opposed to getting mixed up in things that can endanger her career (Amy Winehouse, anyone?). The young Madonna was is always in the news for one type of (sex) scandal, or another. But that was the Madonna machine back in the day; keeping her name hot, keeping her on our minds. Maybe Gaga just hasn't had enough time to start pulling those type of stunts. Or, doesn't feel the need to yet? Time will tell. But how would Madonna size up to Gaga if she were Like a Virgin in 2010? Would she still ascend to the iconic status she has reached today? Or, just be another ...say, Aubrey O'Day? Hmmm *scratches head* What do you think?

On another note: We can't wait to see Lourdes in a few years! She's already a gorgeous little teenage fashion plate but to her as a young woman? Oh, and to see Madonna, the grandmother? That will be somethin'!

She's the perfect combo of her parents, yea?

In celebration of the young, fresh, street-dancing Madonna, here's her Borderline video. One of our favorite songs from her... back when we first heard her on urban radio...uhm, when thought she was Black. Lol

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