Thursday, December 2, 2010


This one's for the R. Kelly Stans...and there's a lot of ya'll still out there (Wow!). We can't really stomach it's hard for us to separate his music from his dastardly deeds, but the song is BEAUTIFUL. The man is a singing prodigy. Can't deny him that. Pop the Trunk for his latest single, "Love Letter" + an album preview...

"Love Letter"

Album Preview...

Music Props

Image Props


  1. Charles Rangel: "Veteran U.S. Congressman 11 guilty of violating ethics rules" Just a tip on something that means something . Google. At the end of the day he forgot that he was still in the house . Aint nothing in the house but house NIGGA's ! Now they are letting him know that he can not be one of them because at the end of the day he is still looked upon as a educated slave ! Educated slave in the white house now looking like a fool !

  2. Thanks for the tip. Next time email it (see "contact us")! This is not the forum for tips, Sweetie. But we appreciate your visiting the blog. We'll look into the story as we did report on the initial filings against him. Toodles.

  3. Why do people comment as "anonymous" when they have some smart shit to say? "Just a tip about something that matters"? Why are you on the fuckin site if this shit don't matter to you? Cowards! I hate them! Dumb ass! There are plenty of news sites that cover politics! This is very obviously an entertainment site-- for ENTERTAINMENT! DUH! My name is Cyndee and I come here more than once a day for my hip hop news. Don't hate! Thanks for the forum Blaze!

  4. Lol @ Cyndee. Thanks for the support Love... but that's just it, really; All Love. It has created beautiful dialogue, right?

    Thanks To All!!!! xoxoxo...

  5. Ok - what does R.Kelly have to do with Charles Rankel... if you are going to write a comment- at least get the posting right.. hmmmm

    Now as to R.Kelly please.... iMO such a shames such a smooth voice and talent is attached to him.