Saturday, June 12, 2010


Nicole Murphy & Daughter, Bria

Evelyn Lozada with her daughter at Evelyn's shoe store Dulce

Pictured above are Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy's ex-wife) and (their) daughter Bria, as well as Evelyn Lozada (of Basketball Wives) and her daughter (don't know her name and wouldn't post it anyway.. we watch the show and don't want to be subjected to a water/cup throwing assault!). They each posted these pics on Twitter and we thought they were so fab that they deserved a BlazeAdams247 mention.  
Okay, so, yeah we pilfered these pics from our Twitter timeline... kind of like stalkers 'cause neither of them "follow us", but in our defense, isn't Twitter just one big stalker move anyway? To our credit we tweeted permission to post the pics before doing so. And, even though neither responded, you can't say we didn't try. Really, it was more of a PR move on our part (hehehe) but at the same time we were sincerely trying to be diplomatic about things. Clearly, we're not on their radar, but they're on ours and we'll keep stalking "following them" and sharing their business until they call the police block us get a restraining order ... well, just until! Sue us! @Nicole_Murphy @FirstLadyEve

Sidebar: Though Evelyn of Basketball Wives fame never responds or re-tweets us, Jennifer (@RedCarpet_17) and Suzie ((@iLuvSuzie) both do...and we love them for it! They will alwayyys have out support because of it. Okay-- that-is-all!


  1. Eve daughter is gorgeous. But honestly she looks just as old as Eve. Good thing for Eve but bad for her kid. Doesn't take away from her beauty though. She just looks older. Wayyyyy older. Like 30 older

  2. Haaa! You said it, LG-- not us! (glad you did!)