Wednesday, June 30, 2010


 Ok, in WTF news: What's up with Naomi's hairline...and that damn kitchen (for the cluless: kitchen = naps/bb's/beadie-beads/coarse hair on back of neck)?! These pics were taken while Miss Throw a Cell Phone At Ya Azz was being prepped for a photo-shoot in NYC a couple of days ago. Yea yea we know that lace front wigs and weaves and braids will all do this type of damage, but it's NAOMI CAMPBELL! The last great Supermodel standing! Surely she saw this as it was happening over the years? *sigh* What women will do in the name of beauty.

Naw, nope, and nada! She gets no break here. Sure you can't see that mess once she's been fully prepped but come onnn! Sweeping that dirt under the rug is NOT okay. Ha! You liked that one didn't you! The Queen of Temper Tantrums has oodles of dough-- and, her man is a billionaire for Christ's sake (Sorry Jesus)! SMDH Get it together, Naomi! *ducks flying cell phone* Lol! [Daily Mail]


  1. Naomi, naomi..I been waiting for you. First of all your hairline..Damn. who has been weaving yo ass up?? You are a Multi~Millionair girl, stop buying the 2 for 5 1b weave bag and get that Beyonce, Tara Banks $3000 bag please!!
    What kind of photo shoot are you at ...DAMN DAMN DAMN

  2. alll bad if we were on a train and her hairline were the tracks wed all be in trouble.

  3. Ya'll are wrong for that! Lol!