Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Steve & Marjorie Harvey Speak Out Against Ex-Wife Mary's Disturbing Allegations...

Steve Harvey (inset Mary Harvey)...
Marjorie Harvey...
Steve and Marjorie Harvey have spoken out against the allegations against them by Steve's ex-wife Mary. In case you missed the post, Mary accuses Steve of being a serial cheater during their marriage, turning their son Wynton against her (of whom Steve has full custody), and leaving her penniless. Marjorie denies that she cheated with Steve during his marriage to Mary and says she's launching a defamation lawsuit against her. What we didn't mention in yesterday's post is that Steve is suing Mary claiming that it's because of her that Oprah is not giving him his own talk show. Word is, it's because of this lawsuit that Mary decided to speak out. Though all parties are bound by gag orders and court junctions, they are speaking out via their attorneys to win over the public. Steve took to his syndicated radio show to "set the record straight". Pop the Trunk for that...

Via BlackVoices.com
"I know the truth," declared Harvey to his listening audience. "But the matter is, the part that's hurtful in this is my wife and children had to be drugged [sic] into this. If you're going to be vindictive go ahead and aim it at me, but my son is coming in the room crying. And that's also her son. So why would you do this?

"And I don't even understand the purpose of it," he continued. "I mean, I got you mad 12 years ago, that's what we're doing now? And here's the thing that my father always taught me. He said, 'Son there's three sides to every story. It's their side, it's your side, and it's the truth.' And the truth 'gon come out. Because see, once you go public then you allow people to start asking some other types of questions.

"So, I'm just more concerned about my son, who I happen to have total custody of, rights to all education and everything. He's with us on the ship today. And he doesn't deserve to have to answer questions like this from his friends. And it's just being inconsiderate of your own child.

"A lot of it is lies, but ... a lot of celebrities get dogged out and pitched about and then there's no repercussions behind the person who's doing the pitching," Harvey lamented on the airwaves.

"Here's my job as a father to my son, I have taught him to be respectful of his mother and women overall. That's what I've taught him. What he can't do is see me going out making particular accusations and rants. It is still his mother and I'm his father," he continued. "And it's my job to raise him the right way. If I have custody of the child, which you have to wonder how that happened, then my job is to teach him by example. And he's crying through this whole thing because his friends called and his sister found it on the internet at the same time. And it's just horrible. But it is what it is, I'm good. I appreciate all the support ... the people that's going to hate you they're just looking for something to hate you for anyway. You could do me all you want, I don't care what you say about me. But my wife and kids are off limits, I tell people all the time."

The multimedia personality went on to express his thoughts on his ex-wife's motives for bringing the accusations to light. "I mean it's simple, she's just keeping a promise that they made. 'I'm going to divorce you and I'm going to ruin you,'" he stated, referring to what some spurned spouses say during a divorce. "That's the promise that was made... But, Wynton's with us and he's doing well. If you want to pray for us then pray for Wynton. But things will be dealt with in the proper fashion this time. This time it'll get dealt with in the proper fashion."


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