Thursday, November 18, 2010


According to TMZ, the Parkers are divorcing because she discovered HUNDREDS of texts between Tony and his former Antonio Spur teammate Brent Barry's estranged wife Erin (pic'd above). It's being reported that Tony and Erin had a longtime "sexting relationship" that supposedly ended months ago. That's right. Sexting. Apparently, Tony and Erin exchanged intimate flirtatious texts but never had a "physical relationship". But cheating is cheating right? Eva thinks so. And, so do we! Kick him to the bricks, Girl!

Tony's recent statement via
"Eva and I have been discussing our situation privately," he says in a statement issued by his rep. "I was aware that she would be filing for divorce in Los Angeles."
Parker, 28, also denied a report – since retracted – that he went to court first.
That's right! Word is, Tony had already filed and the filing was then supposedly sealed by a judge. Now, that story, given by court clerks, has been retracted. Guess, Gabby wasn't having that. She supposedly insisted on filing herself in L.A., which is exactly what the story now is. We had hopes for children out of this marriage daggonit! Wouldn't they have been adorable? Unhappy, but adorable nonetheless.

Eva has since Tweeted her sorrow about the divorce, while at the same time confirming the news.

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  2. Hello: hey Mr. Parker, let me school you..Remember Tiger?? Yeaaaaaaa that mean no textin' no voice or e mails nothin' but it's too fuckin' late for this talk huh Pimpin'