Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Disneyland Forced to Shut Down Admission Sales Due To Overcrowding...

Due to over crowding this week, Disneyland had to temporarily halt sales. Disneyland Tweeted: "Disneyland Resort extremely popular today. Disneyland and Disney California Adventure access temporarily limited."
According to news reports, Monday and Tuesday (yesterday, December 28th) was traffic mayhem at Disneyland, a sight that many claim is unusual. Reportedly, by 1p.m. crowds had to be diverted to Disney's California Adventure across the way. And, even that eventually became too packed to continue admissions. People headed that way reported flashing signs on the freeways which said "Disneyland tickets sold out". Yep! The parks had reached 100,000 in capacity, beating their daily Summer month numbers. Fun is in demand, Y'all! Guess everyone wants to escape to the "Happiest Place On Earth"! (And, apparently amusement parks are recession proof!) Consider this your warning in case you were headed to Anaheim between now and New Year's Day. Thank us later!


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