Friday, December 31, 2010

Son of Former NBA Star Nick Van Exel Charged with Murdering Close Friend...(Video)

Nickey Maxell Van Exel Charged with Murder:

What a horrible, horrible situation. In case you can't watch the news reel, Nickey Maxell Van Exel, 23, son of Nick, 39, who had an illustrious NBA career (Lakers, Nuggets, Spurs, Mavericks) and is currently an assistant coach for the Atlanta Hawks, turned himself in for the murder of his close friend, Bradley Eyo, 23. Eyo's body was found at Lake Ray Hubbard after being dumped there following his being shot in the upper body at his home in Garland, TX. Eyo's father explains the audacity of Nickey who prayed with the family following the news and vowed to the victim's mother that the killer would be found. Shortly thereafter, Exel turned himself in. Police are investigating what Exel claims to be an accident. They are also searching for his missing (brand new) Air Jordans, Ipad, and other expensive items. Sad. Very, very sad.


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