Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SPOTTED: Brad, Angelina and their Brood in Namibia Africa...(Pics)

Hmmm... Wonder what Zahara's thinkin'...
Shiloh and daddy...Awww!
Brad and Angie are continuing their humanitarian efforts with a trip to Namibia Africa where they visited with Dr. Rudie van Vuuren and his family. Meanwhile, Angelina's Tourist co-star Johnny Dep is singing her praises while doing press for the movie:

“She’s a great mommy. She’s very down-to-earth, smart, funny, kind and caring. I was immediately impressed by her. Well, not that I read much in the press about myself or even anyone, but you can't help but know that she and Brad are globally hounded and tracked down. What I was most impressed with Angelina first and foremost was her normality."
Take that, Jennifer Aniston/Chelsea Handler/and the rest of the Haters!



  1. What trips me out is that I NEVA see the nannies without whom this perpetual media frenzy would be lack luster. They ain't doin' it by themselves BUT God bless 'em for giving home to so many. Let's keep it real, though. Angie would be hospitalized from stress and exhaustion.

  2. Zahara probably thinkin' I don't look like you.. I have your lips, but....