Thursday, December 16, 2010


Lovin' this track. My gawsh, she's sooo underrated. Her new album, Let Freedom Reign is available for purchase now. Show some support, Y'all! *UPDATE* Just got word that Ms. Michele headed to court today to deal with a $20 million lawsuit. Pop the Trunk for details...

Via YBF:

Chrisette Michelle and her Def Jam camp are heading to court over a $20 mill lawsuit. Douglas 'Biggs' Ellison of Four Kings Production filed the lawsuit against Chrisette, her parents, and an A&R executive in 2008. He claims that the defendants used unlawful business practices to get Chrisette out of her contract with the company.

In 2007, Chrisette filed a motion against Four Kings Production claiming the company embezzled money from her Def Jam contract and harassed her. Chrisette later withdrew the allegations but Ellison claims his reputation was tremendously damaged once the media learned about the case. Four Kings Production also claims that it entered into an agreement with Def Jam and completed several songs that appeared on Chrisette's debut album.

Here's what Ellison had to say,

"As soon as the artist’s mother saw that Chrisette was receiving money, all a direct result of the efforts of the production company under its contracts with the artist, Lynette Payne quit her job as a teacher and, in willful disregard of the artist’s contractual obligations to Four Kings, usurped management functions regarding her daughter’s newly found success, in an effort to keep the money in the family"

Chrisette's publicist says that all these claims appeared after a romantic relationship between Chrisette and Ellison went bad after the two met in college. She says, "This is just a case of the jilted lover and gold digging manager getting caught, the Payne's and Mr. Berry did not unlawfully try to get Chrisette out of her contract with Four Kings. Mr. Ellison's devious plot to exploit and rip Chrisette off began to be revealed."

Everybody wants a piece of you when you on top. "Stay strong, Girl!"


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