Friday, December 24, 2010

WATCH: People Are Rioting Over Some Air Jordans?? And, In THIS Economy? Damn Shame! (Video)

We've known about the hoopla surrounding Nike's Air Jordans for years but it's not our thing so we've never paid much mind to it...until now. The new "Space Jam" Air Jordans (Retro 11's "Cool Greys") hit stores Thursday night, and people are not only lined up for 'em but they were fightin' each other too. These are said to be the most anticipated pair of Jordans in a long while. The original "Cool Greys" were released in 2001 @ $125 per pair. If you want to cop the new ones they'll run you a steep $175. Yep, Jordans are officially recession-proof! The above surveillance video is at the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, CA where more than 500 people lined up for the midnight release on Thursday, December 23rd. Reportedly, a fight broke out between some of the unlucky ones who couldn't get their hands on a pair. Many retailers are said to already be sold out. (Skip to the 2:00 mark for a better idea of the madness.) And, the fun didn't just happen here. Reportedly, riots have broken out in many other major cities. This mentality is one we just don't get. How much you wanna bet a lot of these folks don't even have jobs? Damn Shame!



  1. Didnt this happen with the cabbage patch doll?? Where is that thing now?? Yep, thats what I