Thursday, January 20, 2011

Angela Simmons Co-Signs on Blondes Having More Fun...(Pics)

Via Angela's World:

Here's a sneak peak of my photo shoot today.. I had so much fun with the looks today. I guess its true blondes do have more fun..haha. I really got to be a different side of myself today. Its always fun to express different sides of yourself in photo shoots. Every lady has feminine sides and sexy sides to them. Its not always easy to do without getting judged, but there's always a classy way to do it. Its crazy how I've practically grown up into a woman in front of the world. I remember being in high school and filming Run's house. Shessh time flies. I love to change my look up very often. I never can sit still with one style. I just love change! Its fun to be a woman and try different styles. Taking fashion risk that some people are too afraid to do. Me personally I just do what feels right. Its so important to express yourself. :) .. Anyway the point was to show you behind the scenes.(Just a little sneak peak.)

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