Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blazin' New Artists: Meet Dopess Alliance... (Listen)

From Left: Pjay, thatniggaTAJ, and Fresh. (photographer Ishmail, far right)
First up for 2011's Blazin' New Artist spotlight is west coast crew, Dopess Alliance. Yuuup-- D.A. is a real breath of fresh air-- and we need it BAD here in L.A.. Individually and collectively they are Stone Cold Talented. Don't believe us? Check out PJay Feat. Bebo (not pictured) with their anthem "Dopess Alliance". That ish is straight DOPE.  And, thatniggaTAJ's song "IF" is a SMASH HIT.  You can't deny they're NICE. (And, if you do, you're a straight hater.) We'll have more on this dope-azz crew soon. But in the meantime, check out their Tumbler page here.  Oh, and a message to you Old-Heads (you know who you are): Embrace the newcomers. It can only HELP you. Yeah, we said it. Make room for who's "Next Up" before you get straight CRUSHED. #thatisall #moretocome

Check out --->> "IF" by that niggaTAJ

Check out--->> "Dopess" by PJay Feat. Bebo


  1. That shitz remarkable. Good job!

  2. omg they are so awsome l.a'snext best