Thursday, January 27, 2011

Check Out Willow Smith's 'Vanity Fair' Magazine Spread...(Pics)

In her interview, Willow explains: “It is very cool, because Jay [Z] really welcomes me and makes me feel like the record label is a place where I can have fun and talk about my career.” She added, “He and his people make me feel like I’m a part of something. And I love Beyonce—she’s awesome!” Despite all of the flack Will and Jada are getting about their 10 year old daughter's career moves, we think she's too effin' cute and doin' just fine fine fine fine fine fine, whooo! (Mary J. Blige voice) "Hey! Leave the kid alone and let her do her thing all ready!" That was for the haters.  #CarryOn


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  1. HELLOHOOD: Is because her Daddy is Will Smith and his Black?? White Celeb's push their children all the f@ckin' time in to the spotlight..or is that Will's kids makin'alot noise & money?? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmholla