Thursday, January 13, 2011

Former Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo is Working as a Parking Lot Attendant...(Wait-- What?)

Yep! Robert Rizzo has managed to stay out of the unemployment line after being ousted as City Manager for the city of Bell, CA following charges of fraud, embezzlement, and corruption-- which still loom. He was spotted guarding the parking lot in the International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach. Really? Being a parking lot attendant is quite a step down from his annual $800k + bonuses gig as Bell's City Manager, but considering the current state of the job market, he's pretty lucky. Wait? What was that? He's volunteering? Hmpf! Well, that makes no sense! Huh? You say he's most likely completing the 80 hours of community service hours due by April from his DUI arrest last March? Ohhh! Okay, that makes sense! #Carry-On! Unless, you want to read about how the article's reporter taunted Rizzo and got others to do so too. Read that at the Source...

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