Monday, January 3, 2011

NEW MUSIC: Kim Kardashian Debuts New Single, "Turn It Up"...(Listen)

Kim tweeted this pic of her sporting "Bo Derek" braids. Obviously the styling is for her the promotion of her new music...
It's no secret that Kim K. has been in the studio with The-Dream working on new music. Well, she premiered her new single, "Turn It Up", at Tao in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve. The video, though it's already gone viral" is not the best quality, as it was obviously shot with a cell phone in the club. However, the longer you listen the better it gets. The auto-tune heavy song doesn't sound bad at all. No doubt Kim has a hit on her hands. Hell, everything the girl touches damn near turns to gold. Damn near.


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  1. Horrible! But it will probably be a smash. smh