Monday, January 24, 2011

Watch: Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife Talks How He Cheated With New Wife and Turned Their Son Against Her...(Video)

Mary on Meeting Steve...

Mary Talks the Other Woman

Other Woman Continued...

Wow! We knew that new relationship/marriage seemed rather sudden after he and Mary's divorce. What a pig! So, Mary was with Steve during the hard times and now Marjorie, his long time mistress and now wife, is livin' the good life. What he does with his life is all well and good but did he have to leave Mary penniless? But we do question how he managed to get custody of their son. What did he have on Mary? Hmmm. A commenter on another blog took the words right out of our mouths: "Steve is arrogant and coonish!" Sorry we never liked him. Sue us! #thatisall



  1. HELLOHOOD: Okay here we go again..blaming the man. First of all, thats her side of the story..kinda late in the game too. You don't what those people were going through before they divorce..They could have been apart, before we the public find out..You need to ask, why is she ~really~dishin' dirt now??

  2. I was going to say the same thing we need to stop just jumping on someone when we only hear one side of the story...

  3. Please stop co-signing for Steve. He's a selfish asshole. Read the docs on

  4. I am no fan of Steve Harvey. I don't find him the least bit funny. However, several years ago when I worked at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, Mary would come in to the store to pay her bill and we were instructed not to speak to her unless we were her sales associate. She was rude and never spoke to anyone processing her payment. She did this on a regular basis.

  5. And how do you know he's a selfish asshole ?? Have you met him as you met his wife.. No?? I always find it odd when a Man or Woman comes out months or years trash talking...Let it go..We do not need your books or see you on Oprah!!!

  6. Steve Harvey is a JACK ASS! Anybody who defends him is an idiot. Read this article called "Steve Harvey Has No Business Giving Relationship Advice" Learn something.