Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WATCH: What Has BET Gone & Done With Our Beloved "The Game" Characters?? (Video)

Melanie aka "Med-School" and "Girl Melanie"...Via BET:
Tia is married and she’s glammed up because she’s a footballer’s wife now. The look is more “Victoria Beckham” and much more edgy. She’s definitely had a come-up. She’s a sharp dresser. The makeup is fun, clean and classic.
(Photo Credit: Derek Blanks)

We checked out some "The Game" marathon on BET (which they've been airing in preparation for the January 11th season 4 debut) and noticed some things during the promos for the new season. We realize it's been two years now and the characters have changed but from the looks of it, they may even sacrifice some things... like their fanbase! Smh. After visiting BET's site, we notice they even refer to the new looks as "Hollywood". Sadly, they're in San Diego. We could see if they moved to L.A.. But, being "Hollywood" in San Diego is a big fat #FAIL (So is being "Hollywood" in Hollywood, but that's another post!). More in the trunk...

Pooch Hall is Derwin, the Sabers' star-rookie... Via BET: Well, with Pooch Hall, there’s not much to do with him because he’s so doggone good looking. He takes good care of his skin. I like the men to look very natural, but we do use HD cosmetics on them. (Photo Credit: Derek Blanks)
The always fabulous and sometimes off-the-chain, Tasha Mack... Via BET:
Tasha's Look
For Tasha Mack, played by Wendy Raquel Robinson, she’s a strong Black woman and she’s the matriarch of the women. We’re always changing her up, so Tasha will never have her hair one way. Her whole thing is “change.” She’s very Hollywood this season, as you probably saw in the promo.
(Photo Credit: Derek Blanks)

Now, back to the promos: First of all, Kelly Pitts was unrecognizable. To the point that it looks like she's had plastic surgery, for realz. Next, Melanie doesn't look like that "med student" anymore. More like a a pop star, or a lounge singer even. Don't get us wrong. We loveee the show. These are our peeps. But, really BET? Gaudy jewels, big hair, bigger make-up, and designer gear is not who Melanie is! It's just NOT. Unless, she's no longer a med student. Now, THAT would make sense. Oh, Lawd, our fears are coming to pass. That BET would somehow screw it up. We'll watch of course and hope for the best, but ughhh. Maybe the glam is JUST for the promos. *crosses fingers* Just don't drop the ball, BET, damn!

Hosea Sanchez is the always inappropriate, Malik...
Jason and Kelly Pitts...Via BET:
The entire cast is very health-conscious, so everyone’s skin and hair is great. Some actors and actresses wait for us (glam squad) to do everything, but these guys take good care of themselves. I can’t wait until it airs in January! (Who wrote this stuff?!) (Photo Credit: Derek Blanks)
Via BET:
Kelly's Look
Kelly has the most dramatic change this season. She’s a rock star and she’s coming strong. Her look is edgy because she’s gained a lot of confidence in herself as a woman – a single woman. She’s not with Jason, but she’s holding her own. In prior seasons, she was a little downplayed, but now we’ve given her these poppin’, smoky, smoldering eyes.
(Photo Credit: Derek Blanks)

Via BET: Coby Bell aka
Jason's Look
Jason (played by Coby Bell) is still Jason…and it’s all about Jason! His skin is so beautiful. He doesn’t need much makeup at all.
(Photo Credit: Derek Blanks)

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