Thursday, January 6, 2011

WATCH: Didn't Think We'd Pass on the Story About the Homeless Man with the Golden Voice, Did Ya? (Video)

What a great story at the start of a so-far fantastic new year! Heart-warming and inspiring, are the best words to describe it. For The Clueless: Ted Williams, a homeless man from Columbus whose "golden voice" landed him a job offer as an announcer (doing voice overs and such) for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and a paid mortgage from Quicken Loans Arena. Brings tears to our eyes. Pop the trunk for the "live" reaction from Cav's announcer, Fred McLeod, and video of Ted prior to his being blessed with his new opportunities, including news reel about how it all came to be. Amazing stuff!

Ted Williams before the fame...

Fred McLeod's reaction while watching Ted's video...

News reel about job offer and mortgage...


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  1. WOW America does have a Heart..but muthafucker hatin' already..asking him is the fame going to take him back to drugs..answer question please lol