Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Check Out Dopess Alliance Perform Their Newest Joints LIVE...(Video)

                                       (From Left: P.jay & Fresh of Dopess Alliance)
Once again, prodigal west coast rap crew Dopess Alliance brought down the house with two righteous sets at 2nd Street Jazz Cafe in L.A. last Sunday night. First up is "The Intro" and next is "The Wave". Their unmistakable west coast sound is hard-hitting, yet smooth and super-clean. And, did we mention that Fresh produces Dopess beats? Yeah, there's that too. Hey, Music Industry, Dopess needs to be signed ASAP! We'll wait...

"The Intro" - Fresh & P.Jay / Dopess Alliance

"The Wave" - Fresh & P.Jay / Dopess Alliance

Via YouTube

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