Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Will You Support David Banner's Sex, Drugs, and Video Games Project? It'll Only Cost You $1!

So, David Banner feels like the music industry (suits and labels) need to be sent a clear message: "We run this shit, not you!" In our words, not his, but that's the gist of the sentiment behind what he's calling A Movement. Banner (looking mighty fine in the pic above, riiight?!) is gearing up to release the first single, "Believe", featuring Big K.R.I.T. from his upcoming project, Sex, Drugs, and Video Games, which is set for release on May 22nd. According to Banner, features will include Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and others.  All he is asking is that fans (2 million of you) donate $1 to the project.  The money is going toward a feature film of the same name... unless we've misunderstood. Watch the video below to get it straight from the horse's mouth. Sounds like a worthwhile cause. Though, $2 million would feed and clothe a lot of hungry and homeless folks. Jus' sayin'!

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