Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Your Boy Dennis Rodman Could be Facing Jail Time for Back Child & Spousal Support... And It's ALOT!!!

Poor Dennis Rodman. His career has been spiraling downward for years now. At one time, he was always in the news for his outrageous antics but this new report takes the cake. It seems his a littleee behind in child and spousal support. In fact, he owes his ex-wife Michelle $860,376, which a judge has given him until May 29th to pay! If not, he could face jail time, but some feel he may get community service instead. It's sad as he was such a great basketball talent. And, with his wild personality he could have taken his career to unknown heights but it seems he has such a drinking problem that he can't get gigs anymore. We hope he gets his sh*t together soon... for his kids at least. He's a Hall of Famer after all! They're champions!

Via L.A. Times

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